Scottsdale Air Duct Services

Have you noticed a difficulty in your breathing lately? One of the most common reasons can be dirty and unmaintained air duct. 

Forever Vent trained technicians will carefully clean your air-conditioning and air-duct system. Duct cleaning is a specialized service using specifically designed equipment for safe, fast and efficient contaminant removal. Knowledge of air ducting systems and NADCA standards are essential for a thorough duct cleaning solution.

Duct cleaning removes contaminants using source removal methods (we do not use chemical sealants). This improves indoor air quality, air flow, odors, operation costs, and occupant’s health. After the system is cleaned, there will be a noticeable reduction in dust, and diffusers will be visibly cleaner. Many different parts of air conditioning systems periodically require cleaning. 

Did you know?

The area which would include what would become Scottsdale was originally inhabited by the Hohokam, from approximately 300 BC to 1450 AD. This ancient civilization farmed the area and developed a complex network of canals for irrigation which was unsurpassed in pre-Columbian North America.

We provide air duct cleaning and maintenance services for all Queen Creek area residents including the following zip codes: 85250, 85251, 85254, 85255, 85257, 85258, 85259, 85260, 85262,85266.

Limited Offer!

Deep Cleaning Special – $299*

What you’ll get? 

Cleaning of unlimited vents and air returns. Brushed and vacuumed with soft bristle motor brush + dryer vent cleaning!

Maintenance Cleaning Special – $99*

What you’ll get? 

Cleaning of unlimited vents and 1 air return, vent vacuum, dryer vent inspection + full system inspection

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*Offer is limited to to houses with 1 AC system, additional AC systems will lead to additional charges.