Regular cleaning is the best part of our life to make our house clean and well-furnished without any dust. But, we forget to clean our air vents, which helps indoor airflow out of our house. Vents can make you and your family take an easy breath with the clear air. After so many months, if you don’t check out your vents, it may become a big problem for you and your family members. A dryer duct cleaning service is one of the best solutions to stay out of contaminants, dust, and debris.

In this blog, you need to understand the types of duct tubing and how it can be cleaned.

Ducts Tubing Types

Slim Ducts:

Slim ducts are the tiny pipes made for those locations where no more rooms are available. They are thinner than rigid metal ducts, and their length can be changed from 27 to 48 inches. Slim ducts often act as a way of transitioning from less space to a bigger one. Dryer duct cleaning is equivalent to how we clean rigid metal ducts for slim ducts.

Plastic Ducts:

Usually, plastic ducts are made of vinyl. They’re flexible, and they have thin walls. Plastic ducts are generally not allowed by current building codes. That’s because lint, which could catch fire, is easily gathered by the flexible ductwork. You’ll probably need daily cleaning of dryer ducts with plastic ducts.

Rigid Metal Ducts:

The only type that is appropriate for dryer vent ducts that are concealed is rigid metal ducts. This type of dryer vent ductwork passes by walls and floors where it isn’t easy to see the duct. The inside edges are smooth, so the smallest amount of lint is collected by rigid metal ducts as time passes. For rigid ductwork, dryer duct maintenance is the simplest.

Aluminum Foil Ducts:

The most popular dryer vent ducts used in the United States are aluminum foil ducts. Foil ducts are made of polished metal, are flexible, have a ribbed texture, and run anywhere from 1 to 8 feet in length. Foil ducts can be twisted into almost any form that you like. Aluminum foil ducts produce a transition to the vent or rigid ductwork from your dryer that leads to the outside.

Helping your family members is what a  Dryer duct cleaning service offers. It can maintain your indoor air fresh and keep the environment dust-free without any contaminants. At Forever Vent, we provide customer satisfaction services to make the indoor air quality better using high-quality materials. We aim to find out the best possible outcomes and achieve more success by giving vent cleaning services. You can find our services in Arizona, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tucson & Los Angeles.

How Frequently You Sanitize Your Air-Ducts?

Wrapping Up!

Clean your air duct deeply with our dryer duct cleaning service offered by Forever Vent. Reach out to us at 855-912-7922, 855-912-3626, or fill our form to get a qualitative cleaning service.

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