Cave Creek Air Duct Services

From the western lifestyle, rural development patterns,
dramatic views, trails, open spaces, and wildlife habitats,
Cave Creek offers an array of attractions for both residents and visitors. This small community is preserving the spirit of the desert. You can find many attractions in Cave Creek that will make you feel like in an old-west cartoon.

But even hardened cowboys need an air duct cleaning services! 

It’s recommended that air ducts be inspected every 2 years and cleaned every 5 years for the optimal health of your system and health.

When a home is built or refurbished, it’s common that construction debris ends up in the ductwork. Even brand new ductwork could be harboring sawdust, dust from drywall and plaster, insulation and carpet fibers, and residue from the gaseous pollutants given off by paint, varnish, and other substances.

Drywall dust is particularly important to remove because, if ignored, it can circulate for several years, forming a hard-to-remove film inside your ducts. This buildup also provides a source of nutrients for mold, potentially creating two problems in one.

If you’ve moved into a previously owned house, don’t assume the ducts are clean just because the rest of the house and the supply registers look clean. Unless you have documented proof a duct cleaning was performed within the last five years, the condition of the ducts is anyone’s guess.

It’s Time to Clean Your AC Ducts!

Did you know? 

Cave Creek was settled in 1870 and has many historical artifacts. The area is named after the notable stream that flows thru Cave Creek into Phoenix.

We provide air duct cleaning and maintenance services for all Cave Creek area residents in the following zip codes: 85331.

Limited Offer!

Deep Cleaning Special – $299*

What you’ll get? 

Cleaning of unlimited vents and air returns. Brushed and vacuumed with soft bristle motor brush + dryer vent cleaning!

Maintenance Cleaning Special – $99*

What you’ll get? 

Cleaning of unlimited vents and 1 air return, vent vacuum, dryer vent inspection + full system inspection

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*Offer is limited to to houses with 1 AC system, additional AC systems will lead to additional charges.