Air Duct Cleaning Services

One of the most crucial parts of keeping your air conditioning systems working at their full potential is the use of air duct cleaning services. You can have a fully-functioning HVAC system and still find it struggling to cool yourself in the summer properly. The culprit behind it is often ducts that are clogging up. Air duct cleaning can sometimes be one of the most overlooked home services, but they are doubtless among the most necessary.

Even in a clean house, dust, debris, and miscellaneous particles can build up over time in the ducts of your system. The best air filters still lack the ability to keep particles out of your system permanently. In a single year, the average household will accumulate a shocking amount inside of its ducts. Not only will this make your air conditioning less effective, but it can also leave unhealthy contaminants in your air supply. From severely aggravating conditions like asthma to pushing allergens and pollutants into your home, neglecting air duct maintenance can lead to consistently unpleasant results.

Professional air duct cleaning services come in the form of a process that uses multiple steps to refresh your air system. Contractors will first test an HVAC system to make sure that the problem doesn’t lie in the system’s basic operation rather than in duct buildup. They’ll also clean inside of the AC unit itself to eliminate dust and debris at the source. This consists of disconnecting power and vacuuming the interior, using professional coil cleaners and HEPA vacuums. Unlike a simple vacuuming process, the HEPA filters will trap the vast majority of potentially irritating particles in your system, helping you to breathe easier than ever before.

The second important step is cleaning the registers that cover and protect your ducts, where they vent into your rooms. These are rinsed with industry grade cleaning liquids engineered specifically for air duct cleaning services. This ensures that no particles will cling to the registers that regular commercial cleaning liquids or materials might leave behind. After the registers, the ducts themselves are cleaned. Professional vacuum equipment, often van or truck-mounted, can provide the force necessary to route problematic debris from ducts fully. After the vacuuming process, a brushing system is provided, and then decontaminating materials to leave the ducts cleaner than when the process started. The process is touched up with odor control and air filter products, and the systems are sealed back up like before.

Contracting air duct cleaning services allows professional contractors and processes with materials and equipment that would be financially unattainable for consumer use. In the long run, air duct cleaning can save money by bringing the energy efficiency of a building up and the energy cost down. It also helps prevent other more complicated HVAC issues that could arise in the future, providing cleaning and checkup that ensures your system is still working at 100% capacity. If you’re considering having the ducts in your home cleaned, don’t hesitate to get your air conditioning system the help it needs today.

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  1. I like that you said that there will still be a tendency to have particles in the air inside the house. My wife and I are still planning on this, it looks like we will have to go with her decision. We will need the help of professional vent services to help us out on this.

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