Air Duct Cleaning Process Explained

Air duct cleaning is one of the maintenance routines that you should undertake for the good of the system and your health. A clean air duct system will have excellent performance and last for long. This will not only keep you supplied with fresh air for long but also save you from expensive duct repairs or replacement when an air duct fails because of dirt. So, how is the cleaning process done? Below is an overview of what this process entails.

System Check

Inspection is the first stage of cleaning the air duct. This process is meant to familiarize yourself with the system to know the approach to take in cleaning it efficiently. Besides, this process may identify any problem with your air duct and avert it before it becomes a significant issue. The air conditioner is also switched off at this stage in preparation for the cleaning.

Reverse Vacuum Cleaning

Before any mechanical cleaning starts, vacuum cleaning is done to remove dirt, dander, vermin, and debris among other elements that may have accumulated in the system. Reverse vacuuming is applied to ensure that dirt isn’t blown into your house. Heat vents in your interior should be covered with plastic bags to prevent dust from escaping back into your home.

Cleaning Ducts

This stage requires one to have specialized tools such as high-power vacuum cleaner and brushes operated by cables among others. However, the tools will depend on the type of material used in the ductwork. The availability of equipment may be one of the compelling reasons to hire professionals in air duct cleaning in Phoenix. They are better equipped and prepared to clean any duct system regardless of the materials used in its construction.

The actual cleaning entails cleaning of all the vent and returns registers. Since return registers pull in dirty air, they are bound to be dusty; hence, they may be removed for proper cleaning. Professional AC cleaning in Phoenix will also scrub the interior of the vents and returns by blowing compressed air. This may be followed by scrubbing using cable operated brushes. Using sanitizing agents and diffusers in the process ensures no mold or dirt is left behind on the sides of the ductwork.

Other components of the AC system such as coil fins, humidifiers, and coil drain pan among others, should also be cleaned individually. Dryer vent cleaning should also be emphasized to avert the risk of fire. If during the inspection process, there were signs of dust mite or bacteria attack, a disinfectant may be fogged through the system to forestall any damages to your system.

Completing the Air Duct Cleaning Process

When you hire a professional in Phoenix to clean your air duct, they will clear all the mess that may have occurred during the cleaning process. A final inspection is done on your system to ensure the cleaning process was thorough. Then, the professionals will reattach any components that they may have removed. Testing your air duct system is then done to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Cleaning your air duct is an essential exercise that any homeowner who is mindful of their health and performance of their system should take seriously. However, the task should be left to be handled by professionals only for best results.

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