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4 Air Duct Cleaning Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

4 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning, And Why You Should Get It Done

Does your home have an HVAC system? Do your heater and air conditioning rely on ductwork to distribute air inside? If so, your air ducts and vents will get dirty over time, no matter how clean your home is. 

Have you ever cleaned your ductwork before? Chances are this area has been overlooked. You might have even thought, just like many other homeowners, that the air filters in your ductwork would be enough to keep air ducts clean — unfortunately, air filters do not capture all of the dirt and debris circulating through air ducts every day. 

If you truly want a neat and clean living environment and wish to improve the lifespan of your HVAC system, a professional air duct cleaning service can help.

But is air duct cleaning really worth it? Read on to learn more about the most common misconceptions about air duct and vent cleaning, and why this service will change your home life for the better.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is an extensive process that uses vacuum technology and other techniques to remove dust, dirt, and other debris particles from an HVAC system. It enhances air quality by removing common allergies and many of the pathogens that cause illness.

Why Should You Clean Your HVAC System Regularly?

Your home’s HVAC system is designed to pump clean air into your home through its air ducts, which function as the “lungs” of the home. Day after day, a small amount of dirt, debris, and pet dander will enter your home’s air ducts.

Much like human lungs, your home air filter will catch most debris and filter out clean air. However, even the best air filters will not be able to capture microscopic particles or invisible pathogens in the air. This means that over time, your home’s air ducts will get dirtier and dirtier. 

If air ducts are not regularly cleaned, the trapped dirt and debris can cause clogged air ducts, which will affect your HVAC’s efficiency or even cause your HVAC to break down.

Dirt will circulate through your home, affecting air quality and increasing the chances of illness and respiratory problems. And if you or anyone in your home suffers from a respiratory problem, such as asthma, dirty air ducts will make it more severe.

These are the major reasons why you need to clean your HVAC system and air ducts.  According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is recommended you clean your duct and vent systems once every 2 to 3 years.

Top 4 Myths And Misconceptions About Air Duct Cleaning

Even with the EPA’s recommendation, there are still plenty of misconceptions about air duct cleaning and whether it actually works to keep your home cleaner. Here are some of the most common myths about air duct and vent cleaning:

Myth #1 - Air Ducts Don’t Get Dirty

Many homeowners believe air ducts generally don’t get dirty — or, at least not dirty enough to need a professional cleaning service. In fact, some people even believe that it’s simply another way for companies to trick you into spending more money. 

Meanwhile, your air ducts accumulate more dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris, and your HVAC uses more energy simply to keep running.

Myth #2 – Air Ducts Don’t Affect Health

The air you breathe has a vital impact on your overall health. For most of us, this means watching for sources of pollution, such as smog or smoke. 

But pollutants will also slowly enter your home day after day. Over time, these pollutants evade your regular air filters and settle inside your air ducts. If not cleaned, these pollutants will start to circulate in the air inside your home. 

Just like pollution outdoors, pollutants inside your home will have an adverse effect on your health, particularly if you struggle with respiratory issues.

Myth #3 – You Don’t Need Professionals To Clean Air Ducts

Ok, so now you know why cleaning your home air ducts is so important. But do you really need a professional crew to get it done? After all, you can clean your home yourself — why not clean your air ducts yourself?

All HVAC systems and home air ducts are different, depending on the size of your home, when it was built, and what materials were used for ductwork. It might be hard to tell how air ducts and ductwork are laid out without a proper inspection. 

With a professional air duct cleaning service, a pre-inspection is conducted before the team even begins cleaning. The team will also secure any nearby surfaces and inspect all air ducts before the job is complete.

Myth #4 – Air Duct Cleaning Brings Dust Into Living Areas

Professional air duct and vent cleaning technicians will use high-powered vacuum systems to clean duct systems. While this might cause some dust to blow inside the home, the team covers and protects all nearby surfaces before starting the cleaning process. 

Once air duct cleaning is complete, technicians will clean up any lingering dust or debris before a final inspection is conducted to ensure air ducts are as clean as possible.

Final Thoughts

Routine air duct and vent cleaning will completely eliminate dirt and debris inside your air ducts, improving your home’s air quality right away. And proper cleaning improves the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system as well.

Ready for your air duct and vent cleaning? Our team at Forever Vent offers reliable, affordable, and efficient air duct and vent cleaning services with many extra perks, such as HVAC inspection. 

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